Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cloud Surfing.

Ribbons and bows in angel hair,
And sandy castles everywhere.
I see your eyes, it's so unfair,
Because you can be mine.

But now old friend the time has come,
For me and you we'll forever run,
To golden places, bathed in sun,
I know it's what has come.

We've seen the clouds,
From both sides now,
From when and where,
And yet somehow,
There's no illusion,
Left to run,
We're surfing distant clouds.... this way.

The days have gone for acting strange,
You pass a smile, you know I've changed.
We lived and loved in every way,
And now it's time to go.

A heart that beat (ed), failed at last
We had much more than we had asked.
And lived our lives the fullest way,
By sharing love each day.

We've looked at things,
From both sides now.
In war and peace,
But yet somehow,
There's no delusion,
Left to hold,
We're surfing distant clouds.... this way.

Remember when we took that dare,
To be with one another everywhere ?
We knew a love that was so rare,
That goes on for all time.

A power to love despite the fear,
Was what I held with you so near.
And family fun through every day,
You blessed my life that way.

We share our love,
From both sides now,
With give and take,
And still somehow,
There's no confusion,
Left to take,
We're surfing distant clouds.... this way.

Based upon the song and music of Joni Mitchel's, 'Both Sides Now.'
One of the best songs ever written.

Copyright @ Peaceful Warrior Productions .U.K.


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