Tuesday, September 6, 2011



If you remember the song by Scott Mckenzie from the 60's (If you're going to Sanfransisco)
Then hum the tune as you read this poem aloud, like you are singing it. Enjoy!!

If you're going to Santiago,
Be sure to wear, a flower in your hair.
If you're going to Santiago,
Summertime, will be a paradise.

Change pace.
I see from every nation,
We've a new dedication....
To walking in motion.....
To talking in union... Aargh....

If you go now to Santiago,
Be sure to share, the love that you have........
And when you arrive, in Santiago,
No surprize, if others with you share.

Change pace.
We've a new generation,
We have great expectation.....
Of living in friendship......
Of giving our kinship........Aargh....

When your journey, to Santiago,
Helps you to share, with all the pilgrims there,
Days of grace, in Santiago,
Every other, will be a love affair.

Change pace.
So my great dedication,
Is for every nation.....
We may live in union.....
That we live in union.......Aargh.....

If you're going, to Santiago,
Be sure to pray, for all the people there.
That like here, in Santiago,
Our earth, will be a loving place......

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